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Connecting you with local Kabadiwalas.
Now selling your household, society or organization's waste has become very easy.
Fill in a simple form with your basic details and we will help you connect with a kabadiwala from your area.
The kabadiwala can come to your doorstep to collect your kabaad at your convenient time.

Local Kabadiwala is for

- Individuals
- Housing Societies
- Organizations
- Industries
We help you focus on things you do best, leave the kabaad on us!

Benefits of choosing Local Kabadiwala

- No searching or waiting for a kabadiwala.
- Kabadiwala suggestions based on your area.
- Direct dealing with the kabadiwala from your area.
- Make instant money.
- No transactional or service fees charged by LocalKabadiwala.com
- You sell, we recycle!
- Contribute to save environment and go green!

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